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Sally Rhudy

About Me

Born in England, I am the third generation of artists in my family. I gained a Bachelor of Arts at The Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, which is recognized as one of the world’s leading art schools. As well as painting, textile art and set design, I have worked on many art installations, environmental art projects and large-scale public events.

Now, living in Maryland, USA, I’m pursuing my love for contemporary abstract painting. My abstract, expressive work contains a multitude of symbolic references, inspiration from poetry, proverbs and science entwined with the color and moments I absorb from my immediate environment. Each painting has its own story.

I primarily work in acrylics but build my compositions with layers of other mediums such as charcoal, oil pastel, graphite and ink – maybe some hair, skin and sweat in there too.

My art has featured in exhibitions in the United States, England, Scotland and France. Commissioners include BBC Scotland, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, The International Congress for Design, fashion designer Jon Rocha as well as many other private commissions. I have been a creative adviser and artist for international events and interior design projects.

I currently have gallery representation at Jo Fleming Contemporary Art, Annapolis, MD, and I feel honored to have such wonderful support and appreciation.

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I’m also interested in the evolving NFT fine art movement, curating  NFT Fine Art (35k+ followers) and am the co-founder and CEO of Arkhouse Gallery Inc. (launching soon). A fine art gallery for the Web 3.0/NFT art era. 

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