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Sally Rhudy

I am the third generation of artists in my family and have a Bachelor of Arts from The Glasgow School of Art - one of the top art schools in the world. I have worked on art installations, environmental art projects and large-scale public events.


Recently I have been focusing on my passion for contemporary abstract art. All my paintings reflect a journey, my environment and mood entwined with historical references, symbolism and literature. 

I use intense colour, marks and texture to provide an atmospheric representation of the sensation or message I want to convey. Sometimes I feel that a semi-abstract format would suit the piece better but more recently I am developing a fully abstract expressionistic style.

To me it is important that the viewer extracts their own interpretation and feelings from my paintings. Art is subjective.

Although I use acrylic as the main medium for my art, I  sometimes feel it is necessary to include accents and detail with mediums such as oil pastels, graphite, spray paint or marker pen.  

I was involved in the wine industry for over ten years prior to moving to the USA. Wine and art are often linked. I was fascinated by winemakers who every year attempted to weave together nature, art, science and passion, encapsulating it in a bottle for the drinker to ponder, admire and savour. And so it is with art, I am influenced by nature, observations during my walks and runs along the waterfront, taking in the stunning light and spectrum of colour. I try and encapsulate this in my work.

 Commissioners include BBC Scotland, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, The International Congress for Design as well as smaller themed events and interior design projects.


​My work has featured in exhibitions in America, England, Scotland and France.

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I also curate and mentor artists. As well as physical art I am also interested in the greener alternatives to NFT fine art and elevating contemporary artists in this space.
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I'm also co-founder and CEO of a new gallery for world class artists in the Web 3.0 era.
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