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Sally Rhudy

About Me

I’m an artist from England, where my artistic lineage spans three generations. My creative journey led me to The Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Founded in 1845, it is  recognized as one of the world's leading university-level institutions for visual arts. Here I nurtured my passion for the endless possibilities of visual expression, through painting, textile art and set design.

Since then, my creative journey has crossed continents. My artworks have been shown in galleries and exhibitions in the United States, England, Scotland, and France. Working with names such as the BBC, the Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, and the International Congress for Design, together with working alongside renowned designers and private commissioners, all provided great opportunities for widening my artistic knowledge and practice. My time as creative advisor for international events and design projects in London was also instrumental in furthering my career in the visual arts.

Fast forward to the present, living in Maryland, USA, where I am at last pursuing my love for contemporary abstract painting.

My art is not merely an assortment of colors and textures, it is a journey into the heart of existence itself. As I layer paint, pastels, graphite, and anything within arm's reach, I deconstruct and reconstruct, unveiling a world of hidden treasures. Every layer reveals the whispers of handwritten ancient scripts, the enigma of symbology, the intricacies of microanatomy or of blueprints and maps. These layers are not only aesthetic, they are symbolic. We as individuals harbor depths beyond what is visible. So too, humanity's outer layers may appear to be mere facades, but beneath the surface are shared origins. The rich tapestry of antiquity connects us all; we are united by our roots in Mother Earth and our collective gaze upon the same sun.

I currently have gallery representation at Jo Fleming Contemporary Art, Annapolis, MD, and I feel honored to have such wonderful support and appreciation.

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I am also interested in the future of digital authenticity and provenance for the fine art market. Along with a business partner and development team, we are working on a project to enable artists to have secure identity, autenticity and provenance linked to their artworks (physical and digital). Blockchain technology provides a new digital tool for securing provenance, originality, value and transaction history for all genres of art. It enables artists to put a secure ‘stamp of authenticity’ on their artwork which is then smoothly transferred to the collector. This information is stored safely on the blockchain and the collector can then, if they wish, resell that artwork and become part of the recorded provenance that extends effortlessly into the future. Please contact me to find out more. I have been curating  NFT Fine Art (30k+ followers) for three years and am the co-founder and CEO of Arkhouse Gallery Inc. (launching soon). A fine art gallery for the digital era.

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